Fireproofing Material Sprayers



Passive fire protection (PFP) coatings make structures more resistant to fire by insulating structural steel from high temperatures and as a result, buy time for the evacuation before structural collapse.

The Graco XM™ PFP Plural-Component Sprayer offers data reporting technology, so you can confirm that epoxy intumescent coatings are sprayed on-ratio, at requirements set by the manufacturer. The XM PFP is easy to use, maintains consistent temperature control and offers precise ratio control.


Count on Graco XM PFP for accurate, on-ratio mixing

  • Handles two-part epoxy intumescent fire protection coatings from 1:1 to 10:1
  • Provides precise ratio control
  • If off-ratio conditions occur, the system will automatically stop
  • Offers data reporting for verification the material was properly applied
  • Monitors, tracks and collects data for: mix ratio, pressure, temperature, flow rates and material usage
  • USB port to easily download data reports
  • Accurate, on-ratio mixing reduces material waste
  • Virtually eliminates the difficult task of removing improperly mixed material
  • Offers peace of mind with “set and forget” parameter settings


Mix Ratio Range
1:1-10:1 (in 0.01 increments)
Ratio Tolerance Range (before alarm)
+/- 5%
Maximum Flow Rate (measured with oil)
3 gallons per minute
Fluid Viscosity Range
Handles mastic materials which are loaded into heated tankswith ram-fed priming piston pumps
Air Inlet
1 in. npt(f)
Fluid Inlets
Pail (Feed Pumps)
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure for A and B Materials
6000 psi
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure for Flushing
4500 psi
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure for Heating
100 psi
Maximum Fluid Temperature
System Inlet Supplied Air Pressure Range
80-150 psi
Maximum Pump Air Pressure
100 psi
Maximum Tank Air Pressure
90 psi
Air Filtration
40 micron main filter, 5 micron control air filter
Ambient Operating Temperature Range
32 to 130°F
Ambient Storage Temperature Range
30 to 160°F
Environmental Conditions Rating
Altitude up to 13,123 ft
Sound Pressure *
86 dBA at 100 psi
Sound Power **
98 dBA at 100 psi
System Weight (empty, no fluid)
2175 lb
Air Consumption
100 scfm
250 scfm
Typical Application
125-175 scfm
Power Requirements
Voltage (can be set with jumpers)
Option 1: 220-240V, 3 phase DELTA (3 wire plus ground) Option 2: 380-400V, 3 phase WYE (4 wire including neutral plus ground)
18,400 watts (23,400 with optional flush water heater)
240V, 3-phase models: 65 Amps per phase full load: 380V, 3-phase models: 38 Amps per phase full load
Wetted Parts
Suction Tube (Flush)
Stainless Steel
Flush Pump
Carbide, PTFE, stainless steel, UHMWPE
A and B Metering and Feed Pumps
Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, zinc and nickel plating, ductile iron, tungsten carbide, PTFE
Dosing Valves
Carbon Steel, nickel plating, carbide, polyethylene, leather
Carbon steel, nickel plating, carbide, stainless steel, PTFE
Stainless steel housing with stainless elements
Pressure Tanks
* Sound pressure measured 3.3 feet (1 meter) from equipment.
** Sound power measured per ISO-9614-2.






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